This section introduces GIFT project partners.


Lead partner: The Centre for Inclusive Education (CIE) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organisation, whose main aim is to promote inclusive education and make it happen for every child. CIE continues the 10-year work of Save the Children UK in Bulgaria and our region. We believe that every child should be given the chance to be accepted and valued. Many of our projects and programs are aimed at children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, hyperactivity with attention deficits, autism, etc. We know that this big group of children is undeservedly neglected, unrecognized and undefended. We are working for social inclusion and quality education for all children and to protect those in need. Our team works with parents, teachers, managers, professionals, local and state authorities, business organizations, colleagues from the country and abroad – and we are happy to see the change that happens gradually. We are happy when the children – all children – have the opportunity to develop their skills and talents and to live a happy childhood.



Ecosystem Europe (Bulgaria) was born in late 2013 because of a growing need to get young people to think about their future and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Society needs facilitators who can create the leaders and  entrepreneurs of the future. We aim to create a favorable environment for access to innovative, flexible and attractive applications for students, educators and entrepreneurs, thus achieving a working balance between society, economy and the environment. For nearly a decade our team has been involved in various projects and initiative, gaining essential experience in working with business and academia, which gives Ecosystem Europe the opportunity to actively motivate a change in traditional educational paradigms and understanding of sustainable development. A much needed driver for a transition to a circular economy.

Context Learning (Finland) is the leading Finnish developer of new generation e-learning solutions. Context has established the most efficient digital learning content production model and tools that allow creation of rich learning experiences online. Context’s solutions are used by hundreds of corporations and educational bodies globally with content localizations to nearly 30 languages.

The Vocational school for tourism “Mihalaki Georgiev” – Vidin (Bulgaria) is a school with a 56 year history. The school has 444 students in three professional directions with 6 tourism professions in each. Every year the school takes part in catering events, national and regional professional   contests , tourism destination presentations in partnership with Vidin municipality. For over 15 years the school has had a functioning  Eco club with numerous and diverse activities. Its activity has been directed at building ecological awareness among students and advocating for active citizenship in the field of environment  protection. The students have internships with tourism busuness. For the past 5 years our students have had internships abroad – in Italy, England and Spain in the framework of Leonardo and Erasmus + programes. The students graduating from our school receive a high school diploma, a professional certificate and certificates from international internships.


Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre (Estonia) is an independent international research institute, which has been engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels for 25 years. SEI was formally founded in 1989 by the Swedish Government and has established a reputation for rigorous and objective scientific analysis in the field of environment and development. Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre (SEI Tallinn) was founded in 1992. It is an independent, non-profit foundation with staff around 20 people.

SEI Tallinn associate leading environmental experts from Estonia and is recognized as a key national expert on environment, climate change and energy, sustainable development and policy issues in the society.

The Tallinn centre links SEI world-wide know-how on the promotion of sustainable development and resilience, climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental protection, nature conservation by analysing the impact of environment-related policies, management practices, market-based instruments, socio-economic issues, renewable energy sources promotion (wider up-take), energy efficiency measures and environmental governance studies in the region. In its commitment to bridging the gap between science and policy-making, SEI Tallinn is communicating its work to governments, the private sector, other research institutes, and the society as a whole. An important part of SEI Tallinn’s work focuses on analyzing impacts of national and EU policies and thus contributing to policy and legislation design.


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